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Starting your digital semester: Temporary guest accounts for participants who are not yet enrolled

Uni-Account and co: Explanation of the different account types for applicants and enrollees

The most important systems that require an account.

Due to the Corona pandemic, large portions of your studies are currently digital only. In order for you to access the electronic systems, a personal account is required. At the beginning of your studies, the following systems are particularly relevant for this:

MyAccountAccount management for access to IT: setup and management of the university account, WLAN: eduroam access and management, setup uni-e-mail box, printer account.
Campus-Managemen HISinOneOrganize your application for a study place and your studies: Course catalog (VVZ), study planner, course registration, exam registration, account data, re-registration, ...
Lernplattform ILIASDigital learning: Online course materials, Interactive communication, Connection to online conference systems, Digital exercises, ...
UniversitätsbibliothekAccess to electronically available literature


To log in to the systems you need an account, which is explained below. Basically, one person can have several accounts, which can have different roles in HISinOne, for example.

The most important accounts to start studying

  • Application account (typical syntax: firstname.lastname): The campus management system HISinOne is the central system for University place application and enrollment application. Almost all applicant groups register themselves in the system and thus create an application account in the campus management system. The application account is only valid in HISinOne and has no function after your admission or enrollment (still valid for a transition period of 14 days from enrollment, but does not allow a change of role from "University place application" to "study")
  • Uni account "Students" (typical sytnax: xy1234): After your enrollment, you will receive a university account with the status "student" within eight hours. With this account you can log on to all relevant University systems in the current semester. After successful re-registration for the next semester, the account is automatically extended and remains your personal access key. After exmatriculation at the end of your studies, the account can be used for another 60 days with limited rights (currently 120 days due to Corona).
  • Corona pandemic: Temporary solution: Guest access for ILIAS (typical syntax: xy1234): Due to the Corona pandemic, not all enrollments could be carried out so far due to partially still missing documents (certificates, etc.). This means that applicants who have already been admitted, but have not yet been finally enrolled, currently only have the applicant account and not yet a university account. This means that participation in electronic study formats on the ILIAS learning platform is not possible.

    In order to bridge this and to offer first-year students the possibility to participate in the offers, teachers can apply for a temporary guest account for the learning platform ILIAS.

    If you are affected by this situation, please contact your instructor or the course coordinator with your name and e-mail address. The course organizer can then notify us of the need for guest accounts at ilias@rz.uni-freiburg.de. We require the data in the following format: Salutation; First name; Last name; Email address.

    Overview: Differences of the accounts

AccountTypical SyntaxChanging password viaRegistration viaValidityAccount type display in myAccount
Application accountfirstname.lastnameHISinOneHISinOnefor the duration of the application phase and until enrollment + 14 days after enrollmentno regsitration in myAccount possible
temporary guest access for ILIAS at the start of the study periodxy1234myAccountILIASwinter term 2020: until 15.12.2020 (if necessary deviating in consultation with the course organizer)"Other /  guest student"



xy1234myAccountall above mentioned systems including further systems + access to worldwide WLAN "eduroam"From matriculation to exmatriculation"Student"


exmatr. Student

identical with the Uni-Account "Students"myAccountHISinOne and ILIASuntil 60 days after exmatriculation-
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