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Baden Württemberg-eLabs: Knowledge Management in Virtual and Remote Labs

Duration: 1. August 2009 - 31. January 2012

Project Goal

"BW-eLabs" was initiated with the goal of advancing heterogeneous experimental resources (remote and virtual) for sustainable coverage and use of raw data and experiments for research and advanced education. The main functions of these eLabs is to provide efficient ways remotely accessing local experimental environments in order to better ensure liabilities for transparency and ability to reproduce experiments. 


The main attributes of BW-eLabs is the instant connection with data and documents throughout the entire life cycle and the ability to embed with the process chain of experimental environments. The central idea is to support academic communities in their cooperation and collaboration with other high technology institutions. 

Currently, nanotechnology is acting as a pilot field, where by ensuring involved academic communities to have access to the professional experimental infrastructure required for research, we allow all involved academic communities to overcome the possibly inhibiting high upfront costs for equipment. Existing infrastructure, such as digital libraries, decentralized tools deposits, are embedded into the BW- eLabs 3D platforms. 

BW-eLabs comply with the Open-Access-Policy and is considered as an open network for academic data and experimental environments. 

Development Schedule

1. August 2009 - 31. January 2012


Ministry for Sciences, Research and the Arts, Baden-Württemberg 

Contact Person in University IT Services

Saher Semaan



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