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Alerts and Malfunctions

The following alerts (e.g. maintenance of services) or malfunctions are currently known:

Note: Only alerts of known malfunctions and announcements are listed, which are no older than 1 week. Is this list empty, please check the german language Listing, if there are really no known alerts. Otherwise please contact technik@rz.uni-freiburg.de or Tel. 4666 to report any new malfunctions.

Since 2 days a wave of spam has been observed in Freiburg schools and PH (Freiburg University of Education). The BelWü (the data network of the scientific institutions of the state of Baden-Württemberg/"Baden-Württemberg...
due to unknown reasons some services are currently not available - ILIAS and the wiki server are among others affected. Update: since about 12.00 all services are available again. The cause of the problem is still...
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