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Information on Adobe Licenses for Higher Education and alternatives.

On 25 November 2014 we received a message that a contract draft for a desktop-based licensing of Adobe products along the ETLA-model, on which the "ZKI" work group for software licenses had worked together with Adobe Germany for about two years, had been rejected by Adobe USA.

Since 2016 there is a new ETLA-agreement with Adobe, which the University of Freiburg has joined. The contract period from 29.02.2016-28.02.2019 has been extended by Adobe until 22.11.2019. For more informations click here.

We do not expect that the contract will again be extended. We think Adobe like to push the personal licenses in focus.

Until further notice, Adobe software products like Acrobat Pro can as usual be acquired through the CLP-contract via the university software shop. Only older versions of the products are available, though. 


We therefore recommend using acquisition licenses from the CLP-contract or to change to alternative products.

A list of possible alternatives can be found here. 

The list gives an overview about the classic Adobe products alternatives. But we exclude liability for completeness. 


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