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Campus License ChemDraw Professional 19

The Freiburg University is in position of a campus license by ChemDraw Professional 19. The license is valid until 31 December 2021.

Download, installation and activation ChemDraw Professional 19:


You have to create an account on PerkinElmer: https://gallery.cambridgesoft.com/register.html?FlexeraAccountId=4413A664081SL

For registration you merely need your university e-mail account which ends with uni-freiburg.de.

After loging in, you can find ChemDraw 19 by clicking on "Software & Services - Home". Here you can download version 19. If you start the installation setup, you will be asked for e-mail and an activation code. For e-mail please use the mailadress which you used for registration. The activation code can be found on the website after login in "Software & Services - Order History". Here you have to click on the right order. You have to accept the license agreement. Roll until the end of the agreement, after that the accept button can be clicked. Afterwards the program can be installed. Please consider that on Mac OS only ChemDraw will be installed, while on Windows OS more software will be available like Chem3D oder ChemFinder.


Contact partners are:

The assistants responsible for the CIP-Pool Chemistry (cip-support@cl.uni-freiburg.de).


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