Camtasia is a computer screen recording tool, recording everything seen on a computer monitor. Camtasia is often used to record presentations during a seminar or to show what steps are taken in applying new software.



Authoring tools allow to create and make accessible digital teaching and learning materials without programming knowledge and with little effort. Camtasia Studio and Adobe Presenter are two authoring tools that we would like to introduce you to.


Camtasia Studio 8.0

Camtasia is a scree-recording program that records everything visible on your screen (e.g. presentation slides during a talk, steps in using a given software).
Sound can optionally be recorded. The recording can be started directly in PowerPoint through the Camtasia-Plugin. Numerous editing tools are available. Audio tracks, images, subtitles, and highlights can be added; it can be zoomed in or out; quizzes can be inserted. SCORM standards are supported by Camtasia.
Camtasia offers multiple formats for export, e.g. MP4, wmv, mov, avi, MP3 and Flash. The software runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS (some versions).
  • Uncomplicated live documentation of presentations, lectures, informational events, speeches from guest lecturers and project presentations
  • Studio recordings of program demonstrations, tutorials or experimental recordings
  • Editing possible, but not required



  • You need a laptop or tablet-PC with Camtasia software, a microphone and camera (optional).
  • The E-Learning Service Center offers fully equipped recording sets with camtasia for teaching purposes. Please contact us if you would like more information (Contact).
  • If you plan to use Camtasia frequently, you can acquire a license through the softwareshop at a special rate.



Tutorial: CampusOnline - Login, booking courses (englisch) 

Recording talks


Adobe Presenter 9.0


Adobe Presenter is a Plugin integrating Microsoft PowerPoint and extending Office with multimedia functions. PowerPoint presentations can thus be enriched with audio commentary and videos, which can be imported or recorded live. Moreover, interactive learning materials such as quizzes and self-assessment questions can be added.

In contrast to Camtasia, Adobe Presenter is less useful for live recording (for example of talks), since it is intended for office production in which each slide is edited individually. This process is particularly good for producing on-demand e-learning units since it can be updated at any point. This allows to produce a new audio track for a given slide, or to add or remove slides, or to change their order.

E-learning units created through Adobe Presenter can be integrated into ILIAS or a website, or be exported as interactive pdf-files. These units can thus be distributed off-line. To run them, Adobe Flash is required. If they are offered publicly online, a freeware Adobe Presenter mobile app is available for running them on devices that do not support Flash. Adobe Presenter runs on Microsoft Windows and can be acquired at a special rate through the university software shop.

  • easy to use, intuitive surface, integration of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • working in a frequently used software environment
  • all PowerPoint features are available
  • slides can individually be edited
  • updates and changes are easily made
  • exported e-learning units with PowerPoitn effects (e.g. animations). Full-text search is possible



  • Laptop or desktop computer with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft PowerPoint as well as Adobe Presenter software.
  • Microphone, optional webcam
  • The E-Learning Service Center offers a fully equipped recording set. Please contact us for more information on borrowing this. 
  • If you intend to use Adobe Presenter frequently, you can acquire a license through the Softwareshop at a special rate.


Borrowing, Service, Support

Fully equipped sets for using Camtasia or Adobe Presenter can be borrowed from the E-Learning Service Center.

We are happy to give advice on potential use scenarios and to support you in using the programs.

Please contact us for further information:
elearning@rz.uni-freiburg.de, Phone. 0761 203-4600

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