WebKit Freiburg

Webkit Freiburg is an authoring tool used to create interactive learning modules using the software Adobe Flash.  It is an expansion of the technologies developed in Project WEBGEO, including

  1. a workable collection of drafts
  2. a technical model framework
  3. a best-practice experience sharing which now includes over 100 modules

The three guiding principles are interactivity, continuous design, and high modularity.

Webkit modules are content packages, where numerous single content pages are put together by the user and put together in an easily accessible navigation bar. These pages offer a broad spectrum of content, interaction and exercises. Please find more information in our E-Learing Freiburg Wiki.



  • The Freiburg Webkit is flash-based, offering a large array of visual and animation possibilities, while at the same time allowing an advanced interactivity of learning material.
  • Flash software is powerful and instantaneous, but also very complex. However, Freiburg Webkit offers a simpler version that also produces sophisticated learning material. The use of these templates expedites production and helps to overcome technical hurdles.
  • The Webkit modules can be used with a simple flash-plugin browser, no platform is necessary. Webkit also operates without internet connection (e.g. with CD-ROM). Shock-wave Flash (SWF) is the standard data format used to view this internet technology. The Pugin browser is quite broad, making the initial viewing of the material quite easy.
  • Flash technology allows for the diffusion of relatively small materials over the internet.
  • The adaptation of Freiburg’s Webkit to the SCORM Standard allowed for a broader array of functionalities, better integration into the Learning Management System and an easier interchange of learning packets. 


In order to use Freiburg’s Webkit, you need to have Macromedia Flash 8 (e.g. Adobe Flash CS4), which can be installed for €140 at Freiburg University’s Software Shop.

Freiburg’s Webkit is lisenced under Creative Commons (lisencing conditions), allowing you to use the program without costs for all non-commercial purposes. The right to use the e-tool is usually limited to scholarly purposes, but other uses are possible, such as developement cooperation.


Freiburg’s Webkit 3 (beta) can be downloaded (in German). As of now you can install it through the SCORM package.


There are currently no contact persons for Freiburg’s Webkit. However, our

self-guided e-learning community

functions as a forum for questions and suggestions.

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