Web blogs

Blogs (web blogs) are the simplest form of website development, where articles are published chronologically and different communication functions can be used.

Blogs are mostly used as a kind of digital diary to journal about a specific topic. The articles are chronologically organized- the latest article appears on the front page- and thereafter the contents are organized into different categories. One of the communication functions allows you to discuss and evaluate a certain article. RSS feeds allow you to subscribe to current updates.


  • Easy to use, based on a Web Content Management System
  • Networking opportunities: links to various related blogs (blogroll)
  • Communication functions allow for discussion of content


You can set up a blog through the University's central web server. Please apply for a so-called virtual Host though the University IT Services, if you do not already have one. You can download various blog software for free on the internet. Usually this involves a blog software system that is simple to install (e.g. Wordpress). In order to obtain this, please make an appointment with your faculty's administrator. We will gladly assist with any necessary training for setting up a new blog.




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