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Description for/explanation of the new server access

Important: your email address remains the same, just the login/server is different!

The date has been set for april third 2018. But you can change your access after that as well.

Please don't forget mail clients at home and on mobile devices.

Q: How can I access CommuniGate Webmail?
A: https://mail.uni-freiburg.de. Your login is the complete email address, the former password is still valid.

Q: What needs to be changed in my mail client in order to send and receive email again?
A: The server name for incoming and outgoing email needs to be changed to: mail.uni-freiburg.de. Login is the complete email address. You can find those settings in your account settings.

Thunderbird: Menu/Edit: account settings -> server settings -> server type (IMAP mail server) -> server name: change to mail.uni-freiburg.de. User name: change to complete address. Important: then go to Outgoing Server (SMTP) -> edit. Server name: change to mail.uni-freiburg.de, user name: complete email address.
Outlook: File -> account settings -> change/edit. Change incoming and outgoing to mail.uni-freiburg.de and user name to complete email address.

Attention: please check beforehand that OL is up to date with the server concerning folder structure. To be sure please press 'send/receive', 'send/receive all folders' and 'update folders' to synchronise everything. If you are not sure please create a new profile. Close OL, go to Systemsteuerung -> Email -> Profile -> add profile and choose the new profile when you start OL again to create the email account.

Mac: Close the programm, go to Mail -> Settings -> Server Settings -> Hostname: mail.uni-freiburg.de and as username the complete email address. Then go to SMTP -> modify SMTP server list - > server settings -> hostname -> mail.uni-freiburg.de and the complete email address as user name.

Q: What kind of improvement has been added to the configuration of a new account in Thunderbird or Outlook?
A: A config file has been added to a web server that configures the account automatically with the correct settings in order to simplify the setting up of a new account.

Q: How can I receive/send emails with my mobile device?
A: It is slightly different on every device but should be settings -> Accounts -> chose account -> server settings  -> incoming. User name: complete email address, server: mail.uni-freiburg.de. Outgoing: server: mail.uni-freiburg.de, user: complete email address.


Settings -> mail/contacts/calendar -> uni mail account -> account.

'Email': complete email address 'Server": mail.uni-freiburg.de 'Domain': needs to be empty        'user name': complete email address -> finish and done.

Q: How can I access calendars in Thunderbird?
A: The calendar has to be unsubscribed (right mouse on the calendar and unsubscribe calendar. And then subscribed anew: file -> new calendar -> on the network -> CalDAV -> Location: https://mail.uni-freiburg.de/CalDAV/nameofcalendar. Login with user name: complete email address and password, probably twice for CalDAV and UserDAV.

Q: I have a Telecom Speedport Router (or another router with the same problem) and still cannot send emails
A: User with a Telecom router who were required to add their server name to the 'list of secure email servers' have to add mail.uni-freiburg.de to the list.

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