Computer labs

The University IT Services offers computer labs that are open to all University members, available for personal use as well as for University courses.

On the ground level of the University IT Services you will find four computer labs, each with 12-15 computer stations as well as two more labs. These rooms are open to all University members during the regular opening hours, from 9 am - 10 pm. However, any courses taking place in these labs have priority. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the course schedule, posted on the entrance door. Kindly leave any computer lab if asked to do so by the course director. 

Other computer labs are located in the University IT Services branch office in Werthmannstraße 4 (Ground Floor)


Note: More computer labs can be found in other University Institutions (including Faculties, Institutes, etc.) as well as in the University Library. These computer labs do not operate under the same conditions as the University IT Services, please clarify this at the individual locations. The software configuration is usually different from that of the University IT Services, and the computers in these labs often have software specific to that subject.

Points of Contact:

  •     Room reservations for lecturers or other account holders: raumbuchung@rz.uni-freiburg.de
  •     Hardware: Werner Suger, Tel: 203 4639
  •     Use of VMWare and contact person for course lecturers: Thomas Minnich, Tel: 203-4617, HiWis
  •     Technical and Linux issues: Dr. Dirk v. Suchodoletz, Lehrstuhl-WiHis


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