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Content Management System (CMS)

The University IT Services operates the University's Content Management System (CMS - Zope/Plone), available for University needs.

This is where websites can be constructed with an integrated, comfortable user interface, allowing for a practical seperation of content from lay-out. The result is a higher functionality of the website.

The goal is to standardize Freiburg University's and its Faculties' websites as well as uncomplicate the disclosure of information on the net. As the person in charge of a University establishment, you can fill out the online CMS application. Thereafter you will receive the access information for your portal, simultaneously making you the manager.

The CMS team offers monthly practical training courses (available in German) for authors (content managment) and administration (system configuration and user management).

You can find information regarding the central Content Management System in our CMS support portal: http://www.cms.uni-freiburg.de.


J.P. Schopper, Tel.: 203-4664



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