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Storage systems for the university

IT Services are offering institutions of Freiburg University to store data in a central system without having to maintain their own storage infrastructure.


The systems used are powerful in performance. Data is saved on several levels. The architecture of the storage infrastructure allows operation secure in terms of data protection even when many users are using the systems simultaneously. For access protocols SMB/CIFS and NFS are available.

For chairs and institutions basic supply (250 GB per chair) is free of charge. If demand is higher, additional service can be purchased (see below).

All members and affiliates of Freiburg University are entitled to a personal home directory . These directories are saved through snapshots, which means that users can themselves restore data deleted. Storage space is regulated by quota, regulating the data volume in general to 20 GB per person. This can be enlarged upon request (providing reasons for the need for additional storage space).

This service is the local equivalent of services such as bwFileStorage and bwSync&Share .


Target groups:

The service is aimed at operators of IT Services who operate their machines continuously and at members and affiliates of Freiburg University, including chairs, institutes, work groups, and individual projects that need data storage for a specific time frame.



Basic storage is secured through the IT Services budget. Basic storage is therefore free of charge for institutions (up to 250 GB per chair or institution). Additional need cannot be covered by IT Services and has to be purchased by the respective institutions. Only additional costs for extensions will be charged.

Details on costs and additional information on the service are available here after registration with your university account.



We are of course available for individual support. We can help, for instance, with estimating the amount of storage required and with using the system. Please contact us for more information or to arrange a date for individual consultation: fileserver@rz.uni-freiburg.de.

Information about maintenance issues will be distributed at www.rz.uni-freiburg.de/rz/aktuell/stoerungen . The mailing list fileserver-info@listserv.uni-freiburg.de also distributes this information. You can register yourself for that mailing list after logging in to myaccount.uni-freiburg.de with your university of Freiburg account.

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