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Server virtualization for the University

The University IT Services offers the possibility of renting servers in the form of virtual machines (VMs) within the technological infrastructure of the University IT Services.


The service is an alternative to the purchase and operation of individual server hardware. The University IT Services takes care of the installation of the virtual machines and ensures the availability of the virtual hardware resources. For this, the virtualization platform VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus is used.
The offer is intended for the operation of specialized tasks and services that aren´t provided directly to the University by the IT Services.
With VMware vCenter, the University IT Services provides an appropriate user interface for the management of the VMs (turning on/off, reset, snapshot, …). Additionally, individual installation media can be integrated through the user interface.
The operating system of the individual VMs is installed and operated by the tenant. To facilitate the installation, the University IT Services provides VM templates for some of the more frequently used operating systems. The tenant has full administrative access to the operating system and is responsible for all software installed on the VM (including the operating system) as well as the backup of local system and configuration data.
The focus of this virtualization service of the University of Freiburg IT Services is on services that need to be operated constantly and with high availability. Some low-cost alternatives are available. If necessary, these can be considered when the demand regarding availability is lower. For these alternatives, some service descriptions are available. Specifically, they involve:
  • the Baden-Württemberg Cloud (bwCloud). This service offers members of the state’s educational and research institutions virtual machines (servers) at short notice and without any lengthy application process.
  • the RVZ-StudiCloud. It provides an adequate cloud environment that appeals to user groups from all areas of institutions of higher education, however more to individuals, specifically students. This cloud service presumes a medium-term service of 9 months at a time.

Target groups

The target group of this service are service operators of the University IT Services that operate their machines constantly as well as members of the University, chairs, institutes, work groups and individual projects that need virtual machines (VMs) with high availability and data security for a specific period.

Costs and further information

The University IT Services uses funds from its budget to provide the infrastructure that is needed to supply the virtualization servers and high-performance special storage for the virtualization. The University IT Services uses the income generated by the rent to expand the infrastructure for the users by matching their needs. Thereby the price isn´t set at a full-cost basis but rather at a level that ensures the later purchase and enhancement of components.
Details regarding costs as well as further information regarding the range of performance of this service provided by the University IT Services (employed systems, management functions, responsibilities, rental period etc.) are available in the form of a service description, which you can access after logging in with your University account. 
If you chose the service provided by the University IT Services, it is necessary to sign the responsibilities in the form of a statement of commitment


We also gladly offer individual consultation, where matters such as special demands or the ideal handling of the systems can be discussed. For further information or appointments for individual consultations, please contact virtualisierung@rz.uni-freiburg.de via email.
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