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Central Evaluation Service

The Service Center E-Learning supports faculties through a central evaluation service, which makes possible a prompt and partly automatic evaluation of courses.

The aim of evaluating courses at Freiburg University is to identify potential for development in teaching through prompt and constructive feedback by students. In order to decrease workload for faculties, regular evaluations are supported by the central evaluation service.

Evaluations are conducted based on a core questionnaire with identical questions, which can however be extended in specific cases. The new questionnaire has been designed by the Department for Teaching Developmentat Freiburg University and will be processed by the evaluation software EvaSys by Electric Paper.

Since the winter term 2013/14 the central evaluation service is being used in three pilot faculties. As of the summer term 2014 the service will be used in several other faculties.





Information material for the central evaluation service

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