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Information security and reporting requirements

The protection of information and processes is becoming more and more important due to increasing digitization. As a provider of central services for research, teaching and administration, information security plays a key role at the Computing Center. Therefore, security aspects play an essential role in the operation and planning of central services. Hardware and software must comply the state of the art and be able to withstand threats in an appropriate manner. This also applies to services in which the Computing Center cooperates with other institutions.


The Computing Center is proactively influencing the security culture of the entire university, e.g. by providing advice on the planning and implementation of IT infrastructures as well as by raising awareness among members of the university.

Please note that due to legal and regulatory requirements there is a reporting obligation, e.g. in case of

  • successful phishing e-mails, through which passwords or the like have been made accessible to strangers,
  • compromised computers (virus, Trojan, ...),
  • in case of loss of service devices,
  • in the event of massive operational disruptions of critical IT infrastructure.



To report security incidents, please contact the Security Officer Dr. Marc Herbstritt security@rz.uni-freiburg.de

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