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Our Mission

The University IT Services has played a key role in Freiburg University since its founding in 1966. Operating under the Rectorate, the University IT Services is the central IT competency of the University. Comprised of a broad range of information and communication services for scholarship, it is also the basic provider of an efficient and modern IT infrastructure for the University's instruction and research requirements.


 Provision and assistance for IT infrastructure and problem-solving

  • University databases (internet management and data links, WLAN, and telephone services)
  • Main back-up security services
  • High-performance memory solutions
  • Communication provision (e-mail, e-learning platform, web-design and content management)
  • Computer labs with high-capacity connection to printers
  • Central identity management solutions
  • Media technology (for classrooms or rental)
  • Campus Management / Student Management Services (SMS)

Guidance and Learning

  • Introduction to e-learning
  • IT courses for employees
  • Specialty training offered in information technology (IT)

Research and instruction support

  • Grid computing
  • Procurement and management of the University’s software licenses
  • Tender procedure and supplier for Baden-Württemberg’s computer system competition (contracted under the Ministry of Education, Research and Art)

Innovative IT problem-solving all in one place

The University's web-based communication infrastructure is concentrated under the University IT Services and therefore can be operated synergistically. The wireless network and the current advancement of the telephone system towards a more web-based technology are visible achievements along our way to achieving a more integrated IT infrastructure.

Our employees are readily available to answer any questions regarding information technology, with comprehensive support and guidance both in word and deed.

Through our research at the chair of Communication  Systems we are supporters of  innovative information technology and involved in a variety of research projects. As a result, we are quick to learn about any future technologies and can apply them fast and directly. The University IT Services is part of the requirements of the German Universities' Excellence Initiative and it is the personal mission of its employees to offer services of the highest standards, thereby making Freiburg University internationally competitive. 


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