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2024-03-14 16:25: #phishing #scam Fraudulent emails from

Fraudulent e-mails from the sender are currently circulating in many places, pretending to come from the university.

These emails are classified as scams or phishing with the intention of involving the recipient in a dialog, which then develops into the actual fraudulent action, e.g. the purchase of gift cards or the disclosure of confidential information.

The emails that are currently circulating state "Do you have a brief moment?" in the subject line and then write "Would you be able to help out with a task?" in the body.

The technical sender is "", e.g. recognizable by a mouse-over over the sender in the email program. However, the display name is a person from the university.

The recently introduced "[EXTERN]" marking for e-mails from external senders helps here, so that you should be skeptical if you receive an e-mail with an "[EXTERN]" marking from a known person from the university.

We ask all members of the University to be vigilant when checking emails.


If you have fallen for a fraudulent e-mail, e.g. because confidential information such as access data has been passed on, you must report this to and

Further information can be found on the intranet under the keywords "Data protection" and "Information security".


Status: 2023-03-14, MH