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bwCloud Maintenance 30.03.2023

Maintenance of all bwCloud regions on 30.03.2023. The form of maintenance depends on the location. Users are advised to back up their data. All user accounts will be temporarily deactivated and all instances will be stopped. No user data will be deleted.

On 30.03.2023, maintenance will take place at all bwCloud locations from 08:00. This will last at least one day.

No user data will be lost during the maintenance. However, users are advised to make an external backup of their data before the maintenance. To avoid complications, users should stop all their own instances/VMs.

At the beginning of the maintenance, all user accounts are deactivated and remain so until the end of the maintenance. All VMs are forced to stop.


The following maintenance work will take place for the bwCloud location Freiburg:


  • Installation of updates
  • Changes in the internal network

After completion of the maintenance, all user accounts will be reactivated. Users have to restart their VMs manually.

Further information as well as status information can be found here: hier