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The University IT Services offers a variety of security benefits: backup of local data, virus protection and certification authority.
Local data back-up (TSM)
Automatic data back-up of workstation computers for employees, institutes and faculties.
Virus protection
The University IT Services provides a free anti-virus software for all University members and runs a virus scanner for the central e-mail service.
Freiburg University’s websites are certified by the German Research Network (Deutschen Forschungsnetz DFN-PCA). All certified applicants are then confirmed by the University IT Services Registration Authority (RA) and added to their database. These certificates follow Norm X509, not the PGP Standard. Contact: Zertifizierungsstelle
Certification Authority
The University IT Services runs and operates a certification authority (Uni-RF CA). This service allows all University members to have confidential and authenticated communication.