Virus protection

The University IT Services provides a free anti-virus software for all University members and runs a virus scanner for the central e-mail service.

Antivirus software SOPHOS

The anti-virus scanner SOPHOS Antivirus can be installed on every computer workstation in the University (Windows and Mac). All University members can use the programm until 2020.

There is an installation instruction in the RZ-Wiki.(German only).


Protection against e-mail viruses

The University IT Services runs and operates a central virus scanner for the University’s central mailserver. This virus scanner detects any e-mails with a virus, sends it to an isolated folder and informs senders and receivers (if available). This scanner is only for viruses in e-mails entering the University system. For technical reasons, all e-mails exiting the system do not undergo a virus scan.

Despite this virus scanning, we strongly recommend all users to install a virus scanner on their personal computers.

Here you will find data regarding the amount rejected viruses.

Benutzerspezifische Werkzeuge