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Certification Authority

The University IT Services runs and operates a certification authority (Uni-RF CA). This service allows all University members to have confidential and authenticated communication.

Secure websites begin with https:// and have a digital certificate, which protects the authenticity of the website. The session data is encoded when exchanged voer the internet. During the establishment of an internet connection, the digital certificate delivers et al. information about the owner and issuer, the server’s internet address and the certificate’s date of expiration.

Many safeguarded Freiburg University websites already show their Uni FR CA certification in the browser. This certification body works under the framework of the German Research Network (DFN) Public Key Infrastructure, which is again certified by the Deutsche Telekom Root CA2 root certification body, testified by Deutsche Telekom AG.

Further details regarding the certification body, the certification hierarchy and its application is found in the University IT Services Wiki. 

Registration through the University IT Services

If you would like to recieve Uni-FR CA certification for websites or e-mails, you must personally identify yourself by coming to the University IT Services (according to paragraph 1.3.2 of the CP Global personal identification and application approval).

Postal address:
Freiburg University IT Services
RA from Uni-FR CA, Room 114
Herman-Herder-Street 10
D-79104 Freiburg


Tom Minnich

Fax 203-4643 (Secretary)


 Tel.: 203-4617
Visiting time  By appointment


Room 009Tel.: 203-4673
Visiting timeBy appointment



Dr. Randolph Welte 
Room 114 (1st floor)Tel.: 203-4698
Visiting timeBy appointment



You can find further information on the following websites: