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Personal Storage Space

Upon enrollment, every member of Freiburg University receives a personal storage space (home directory), which is easily accessible and backed-up automatically.

You can save your data in the home directory and access it from around the world (through the Freiburg University´s Network [FUN]). The data is stored on a fileserver at the University IT Services and undergoes regular backups, making the home directory an ideal place for storing copies of important documents (i.e. Theses and final dissertations).

The space available for University employees and students is 20 GB. This space can be increased by 20% for up to 7 days. If there is a justified reason, the storage space can be increase


Access to your personal directory

You can access your personal directory through Windows, Linux, MAC OS X without having to install any additional software.

  • Whenever you log in to a University IT Services Windows workstation or  computer lab PC, the Windows system automatically provides instant access to your home directory after logging in.  Likewise, you can acces all the data saved on your fileserver in the net.point PCs and computers in the computer lab after entering your userID and password.
  • If you would like to access the file server while working from your computer at home, at work or on the road, you must establish a connection to the Freiburg University Network (FUN). In order to do this, please log in to FUN’s VPN client.
    • In Windows: (extended instructions in IT Services wiki (German)) you need to start Windows Explorer, open the “extras” menu and select the option “connect to network drive”. Then you are asked to assign a letter to the new drive (free choice). As folder name you enter \\\userid (using your Uni-Account instead of “userid”). Then click on “connect using a different user name” and enter: public/userid plus your personal password. You may be asked to authenticate yourself again.
    • In Mac OS X (10.5 and above) you need to start the finder, open the menu “go to,” select “connect to server” and enter smb://
    • In Linux use the smbclient address. For example: smbclient // -U public/UserID -D UserID
  • If you are NOT connected to the University Network, you need to install special software (e.g. WinSCP, SSH, MacFusion) in order to access your home directory. You can then make a connection on the Log-in server (German), with e.g.
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or IT Services hotline: 0761/203 4666