Points of Contact

Contact information for the University IT Services is listed here. Please note, that there is limited personal support available in the English language.

First Point of Contact - IT Services Hotline

beratung@rz.uni-freiburg.de (from outside the university only from a university e-mail account

Phone: 203-4666 

Monday to Thursday: 9am - 12 noon and 1pm - 3pm

Friday: 9am - 1pm


Main Offices

Freiburg University IT Services
79104 Freiburg

  • Director
    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider 203-4625
  • Secretary
    Fax 203-4643
    Kathrin Maier, Room 108, 203-4653 (especially accounting/room booking ZEUS)
    Elvira Zähringer, Room 108, 203-4626 (especially room accounting/controlling)
  • Organisation and judicial subjects
    Manja Dehmer (on sabbatical)

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Departments and Management Groups

  • Operations and User Services
    Ulrich Gehring, 203-4671

     Replacement: Werner Suger, 203-4639

  • Campus-Management
    Dr. Thomas Mann, Tel.: 203-4656

     Replacement: Lydia Ebner, 203-9660

  • Virtualization & Storage
    Dr. Detlev Degenhardt, 203-4655
  • E-Learning
    Dr. Nicole Wöhrle, 203-4690

     Replacement: Claudia Gayer, 203-9875

  • Network and Communication Services
    Willibald Meyer, 203-4640

     Replacement: Dr. Guenter Müller, 203-4622 

  • Telephone Technical Group
    Guido Ruesch, 203-4105
  • Central Services
    Dr. Volker-Henning Winterer (on sabbatical)

     Replacement: Dr. Randolph Welte, 203-4698

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University IT Services Task Coordination

Application Guidance, PC and Equipment Procurement

  • Guidance for Applications according to §91b
    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider, 203-4625
  • PC and Equipment Procurement (of more than 2500€)
    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider, Tel.: 203-4625
  • Regional Procurement of PCs and Laptops
    Gordian Gossen, 203-4628
    Dr. Detlev Degenhardt, 203-4655

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General Advice (especially for students)

General Questions for University IT Services, Helpdesk

  • beratung@rz.uni-freiburg.de (if outside the University only possible with University e-mail address)
  • Contact Form (German)
  • Helpdesk 
    University IT Services, Room 002
    University IT Services Branch Offices KG IV
    See Hours of Operation
  • Telephone Helpdesk: 203-4666
    Mo-Fr: 9am - 12 noon and 1pm - 3pm; Friday: 9am - 1pm

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Mail-Server, Mailing lists


  • Office Hours: Mo, Wed, Fr 9.00-12.00, Wed 14.30-16.00
    Claudia Herold, Room 009; Phone: 203-4673


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User Services

UniAccount user registration, password problems, UniCard (Guests, teaching staff, medical faculty, university hospital, SWFR)


  • Office Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 9.00-12.00
    Anna Imbery-Dold, Phone 203-4627, Fax. 203-4668, Room 001, First Floor
  • Office Hours: Friday 13:30 - 16:00
    Pascal Schmieder; Phone 203-4623, Fax. 203-4668, Room 001, First Floor

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Software licenses

Campus Licenses, Softwareshop, Statistics- and Mathematics Software


  • SPSS und SAS
    Tamara Ursprung, 203-4647
  • Campus licenses and University Software Shop (General)
    Tamara Ursprung, 203-4647
    Dr. Detlev Degenhardt, 203-4655

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Information Services & Courses

Publication "ANRUF" and IT Services Publications


  • Publications
    Jan Leendertse, 203-97897

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IT-Operations in Research and Teaching

IT-Infrastructure, Management systems, Databases, Office programs, virtualization, Back-up, etc.

  • Applying for use of infrastructure for research projects

      Dr. Dirk von Suchodoletz, 203-4602

  • PC and Windows Support
    mits-team@rz.uni-freiburg.de; Matthias Schering, Phone: 203-9877
  • Linux
    Martin Walter, 203-4651
  • Central Databank Service 
    mysqladmin@listserv.uni-freiburg.de; Philipp Michels, Phone: 203-4669
  • Virtualization infrastructure


     Philipp Michels, 203-4669

     Dr. Raphael Pesché, 203-4621

  • Storage systems

     Dennis Wehrle, 203-4654
     Dr. Raphael Pesché, 203-4621

  • Backup-/Archive-System
    betrieb@rz.uni-freiburg.de; Ulrich Gehring, Phone: 203-4671

     Bernd Wilmann, 203-4665

      Abbas Hammoud, 203-4618

  • Diagnosis and Reparation Services (DRD)
    Werner Suger, 203-4639

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Administration IT

Support for university administration (applications and systems)

HOTLINE: Support form 

Managed Computer Labs

Support for Windows-Workplaces (Managed IT-Service), PC-Pools (Linux & Windows), Computer labs (in IT Services, the University Library, and other sites)

  • Technical support for Windows workplaces and PC-Pools
    mits-team@rz.uni-freiburg.de 203-4680
  • Support for supervised workspaces 
    Matthias Scharring, 203-9877
  • Virtual Teaching environments

      Dr. Dirk von Suchodoletz, 203-4620

  • University IT Services Computer Labs (Guidance for teaching staff)
    Thomas Minnich, 203-4617
  • University IT Services Computer Labs (Room Booking)

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High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing, Virtual Research Environment, Cluster

  • Distributed Computing 
    (Cluster, Grid, Handling of large data sets)
    Dr. Dirk von Suchodoletz, 203-4602
  • High Performance Computing NEMO  
    Michael Janczyk, 203-4609

      Bernd Wiebelt, 203-67982
      Anton Gamel, 203-4670

  • C5 Competency Centre, Neuroscience, Elementary Particle Physics, Microsystem-Engineering
    Michael Janczyk, 203-4609
  • Bernd Wiebelt, 203-67982

  • ATLAS Grid.Ressource (Storage and Compute) 
    Anton Gamel, 203-4670

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Webserver, Content Management System

WWW-Server, personal websites (Omnibus),  Content management system (CMS)

     from Q3 2017 onwards: Martin Walter, 203-4651

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Network and Telephone

Internet Guidance and Connections, WLAN, Telephone facilities and equipment, VoIP Telephones, Cell phones for employees

University Network


Telephone technology

  • Reporting of telephone disturbances and connection failures in the University network
    Telephone Disturbance Center (Telephone devices and auxillary equipment, fax, voice over IP terminal equipment) - Mail to technik@rz.uni-freiburg.de
  • Support for new installations incl. guidance for phones
    Guido Ruesch, 203-4105

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New Media Center / University IT Services

Video conferencing, video servers, digital libraries, and rental equipment

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E-Learning Services 

Learning and Teaching Platform ILIAS, Lecture recordings, Wikis for teaching,Virtual classroom, work-groups, BSCW 

General inquiries & E.-Learning Certificate:

Tel: 203 - 4600

     Katja Messemer, 203-9890


Campus Management 

Student Management Services:

  • Application and admission process
  • Student administration
  • PhDStudent administration
  • Examinations administration
  • Course administration
  • Study management

see: https://www.rz.uni-freiburg.de/services/cm#kontakt

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