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Wikis are a great tool where the public can work together for collaborative knowledge management.



Wikis allow collaborative generation and publishing of content and therefore collaborative knowledge management.

This is a fast and simple way to share information online or through an intranet. Basically, wikis are a collection of internet sites, connected via simple clicks of the mouse. Every article is attached to numerous other wiki articles. This allows for a non-hierarchical hyperlink structure and a knowledge network that is constantly being updated. Every user (with the necessary rights) can edit and change the text or even delete if necessary. Wikis are best suited for the internal documentation of specific establishments, for example an international project. The best-known example of a wiki is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.


Functions and advantages: overview


  • Easy to learn and publish information on the internet or in an intranet since surface and syntax are user-friendly
  • Collaborative generation of texts, documents, glossaries, project documentation
  • Access management and version functions allow to protocol and recreate older versions


Choice between two wikis


  • DokuWiki

    The system Dokuwiki offers (amongst other things)
    • access control and user administration
    • content-organized discussion pages
    • version functions
    Since 2018, the wiki server has been frozen, existing wikis will continue to be maintained, but no new wikis will be created. 


  • ILIAS-Wiki

    Within a course area in ILIAS you can also create a wiki. The advantages are:

    • Authentification via uniAccount
    • Integration into courses
    • ILIAS-Wikis are only visible for users of a specific course
    • Teaching staff and students can work in the environment they are used to using



For general inquiries about wikis in teaching:, phone: 0761 203-4600

User support and technical administration:




General information on Freiburg University's wiki server

Online mask for requesting a DokuWiki

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