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DHCP / Proxy

The network department offers a central DHCP service within the university.

Via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), computers can be automatically configured for existing networks. This means that IP-address, network mast, gateway, and DNS server are steered through the DHCP server. Clients merely need to allow for the automatic access of IP-addresses.

Additional functionalities:

  • automatical configuration of a web-proxy via WPAD
  • booting of live systems via PXE
  • administration of Sun Ray Clients

DHCP Management-Interface

Freiburg's IT Services offer a central DHCP Service. This service can be configured via a management-interface. If this is to be integrated into the central DHCP service, a management account must be created. Please contact


The proxy-server has been discontinued as of 31 March 2016 ( Info).

If a proxy had been preconfigured, no the setting in the browser and/or mail client needs to be "no proxy."

Setting up a browser or mailing client:

  • Mozilla Firefox
    • select "settings" following this path: "ediit" / "preferences" / "advanced" / "network" / "configure how firefox connects to the internet"
    • then select "no proxy"
  • Microsoft Internet-Explorer
    • select "extras" / "internet options"
    • choose the tab "connections," select "LAN settings"
    • deselect "proxyxerver for LAN"
  • Mail-Client: Thunderbird
    • choose "connection" by following this path: "edit" / "preferences" / "advanced" / "network & disc space" / "determine how thunderbird connects to the internet"
    • select "no proxy"